Welcome to The Borough Blog.

The aim of this site is to offer up for public interest (hopefully!) articles and snippets of local history plus the odd bit of historical or heritage comment on places, past people and events in the Walsall area.

I’ve made a point of not calling this “The Walsall Blog” or using any other specific place name, even though a lot of the history will be that of the town of Walsall.  That’s because Walsall Metropolitan Borough is not a place, it’s an administrative district, and I know only too well that pride of place lies within all of the towns and villages, no matter how large or small, within that district.

They are all unique, and have their own character, their good points and bad points – and they are certainly not all Walsall, which is, in its own right, an ancient early medieval market town with a fascinating and colourful, if not always happy, history.

If you’re historically inclined you may also be interested in my other effort covering the ancient village of Bloxwich and district, The Bloxidge Tallygraph, and the excellent Brownhills Bob’s Brownhills Blog which does a great job for local history in the Brownhills area.  So why not have a look at those after you’ve been here?

Many of the old photographs you see here are kindly provided by Walsall Local History Centre, the archives and local studies service for Walsall Metropolitan Borough – for which grateful thanks. You’ll find many more on their excellent photo website – Walsall A Click in Time.

Stuart Williams

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